Look To The Suburbs

In issue 75 of Source magazine there is a an article which is a review of a show that exhibited the work of Garry Winogrand. I must confess, before I read this review I had never heard of Garry Winogrand. Or if I had, I didn’t recognise either his name, or his work!

Garry Winogrand was an American photographer who lived from 1928-1984. He was one of the first photographers to produce street photography. Robert Franks’ ‘The Americans’ influenced his work, as did Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photographs, even though they were a different style than Garry Winogrand’s.

This review was talking about a show of his work that was travelling through America. Apart from the biographical aspects of the writing, the author Mark Durden wrote about John Szarkowski’s opinion on, and love for, Garry Winogrand’s photography. Overall, I found it quite enjoyable to read. However, my expectations of the review beforehand weren’t met, as I felt as though a review should contain pros and cons so that the readers know if they want to visit an exhibition or read the book that goes along with it. I found the review more educational than persuasive, but after doing some more research, I saw that the book was published by Yale University Press and that Mark Durden was a professor there. This could have influenced the amount of opinion that he could put in his writing. On the other hand, the review did make me want to look through the book that went with this exhibition so could you argue that it did it’s job? It’s an interesting question.

World’s Fair, New York City, 1964


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