London Trip: The Jerwood Space

On the 10th February we went to London with the aim of visiting certain galleries. The first one that we went to was the Jerwood Space. This is quite an interesting gallery in the way that it is run because it is funded by a charity, not the Art’s Council or a similar organisation. You can find out more about the Jerwood Space on their website:

The exhibition that they had on was very interesting. It was partnered with The Forestry Commission and five artists had been chosen from many who submitted proposals to develop their ideas and make some work. Eventually, two of those five were chosen to be given the commissions to finish their projects. Originally, I expected it to be just photography in this exhibition but it wasn’t. There was a good mix of mediums including film work, sculpture, performance and sound.

There is more information about this exhibition at


These are just a few photographs that I took of the exhibition at the Jerwood Space. Overall I really enjoyed the exhibition – it was interesting to see work that wasn’t just photography and I think that I learnt a lot about what performance art is from looking at the work of Adam James. Before I saw his work, I didn’t really see the point of it but now I can see why it’s such an interesting type of art. The one thing that I didn’t enjoy as much was the work of Chris Watson with his surround sound installation of a raven roost because the room was completely pitch black and it was hard to not trip over my fellow students! This exhibition is only on until 23rd February but if you can, I definitely recommend going to see it.


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