London Trip: Purdy Hicks

We also visited Purdy Hicks which is a gallery that I had never heard of so I didn’t know what to expect from it. On the coach, I did some research on the gallery and found out that they have links to the Helsinki School in Finland, which is very prestigious and produces a lot of award winning photographers. I expected the gallery to be larger from the impressions I got of it from my research but I really liked the size of it. Having two levels allowed the work to be spread out nicely and it felt welcoming. We had a talk from one of the ladies that works there, which was very interesting and I learnt a lot about how exhibitions are put together and what working in a gallery involves. Their website ( has lots of information about artists who have exhibited their work there and each artist biography gives lots of information, as well as examples of their work.

We saw a couple of pieces of work by Susan Derges which I found very exciting as I had never seen her work in person before but had studied it at A Level.  The artist who had the most pieces currently exhibited was Anni Leppala, who is a Finnish photographer. I had never heard of her or seen her work before but I instantly loved it. There’s such a feeling of nostalgia in each piece and you can see that she is influenced by old paintings, from the colours she uses and the style of her photographs.

Untitled (Thread)

This image by Anni Leppala was my favourite. I really like the colours in it and I think that the lighting she used is very clever. It reminds me of pre raphaelite paintings because of the colours used and also the way that light comes into play in the photograph. I also liked it because it links into my Representation project about portraits where the face is hidden from view.


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