Curating – what I learnt

You would think putting an exhibition of other people’s work together would be quite straightforward. But I soon realised that it’s not. Everyone likes different types of photography and some people can see links between images that others can’t.
From doing this mini project, I learnt that photographs that you wouldn’t think would go together actually do and I gained better understanding of how exhibitions such as Out Of Focus at the Saatchi Gallery in 2010 worked when some people could say that the mixture of photographs was too eclectic.
I also realised why some exhibitions such as Ship to Shore take a couple of years to put together and to select the works that are shown in them. Before this project I didn’t see why it should take that long but now I completely understand how selective you have to be in order to curate an exhibition, especially if you’re collaborating with others to make the exhibition. 

The title is a huge part of any exhibition – it’s what draws people in off the street and the thing that people remember afterwards. It’s the title on the exhibition program and on the posters so it has to be something memorable but also very relevant to the images in the show. The title of a show changes quite often as more images are added or taken away and I didn’t realise this. In my mind, you chose the title first and then found images to fit into that but it doesn’t work like that.



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