Tate Britain

Tate Britain houses many centuries worth of British paintings and sculptures. I visited this wonderful gallery recently and was very pleasantly surprised to see that they also show photography. Not much, unfortunately but I saw about 30 photographs by  a photographer that I had never heard of before: Chris Killip.

I really enjoyed looking around this section of the gallery, and welcomed the opportunity to discover a new photographer. All the work I saw was in black and white so I’m not sure if he works in colour as well. It was also unclear as to what medium he is working in and I couldn’t find any articles or books about him that told me the answer. From his website http://www.chriskillip.com I discovered that he is a Manx photographer who was born on the Isle of Man and that his work is displayed in many galleries worldwide. After I found that out, I was quite surprised that I had never heard of him because I have been to a few of those galleries!

Through his photographs I got a real feeling of love for the community that he has photographed and that he is obviously a part of. The way that he captures people is very natural and I think, unposed.



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