Thomas Dworzak, Instagram Scrapbooks

In Aperture photography journal, I came across this article by Joanna Lehan about a photojournalist called Thomas Dworzak who hitchhiked around Chechnya to cover the conflict there, explored New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and lived with US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

However, he created these nine scrapbooks from the safety of his own home. Each scrapbook is dedicated to a particular Instagram hashtag and each is made up of screenshots from Instagram.


Given the discussion on the class forum about if Instagram has ruined photography as an art form, I found the work by Thomas Dworzak very interesting and think that it lends a different perspective to my opinion about Instagram. I still think that Instagram has increased people’s appreciation for good photography and that it has inspired people to take pictures. However, I hadn’t considered that professional photographers would utilise it in order to make work and that this work would be featured in Aperture journal. I think that using Instagram in order to make work connects the photographer with a younger audience and perhaps helps people find him using Instagram.



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